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Get OUT of the Valley – LITERALLY

In the dumps? Life been cruel to you lately? Facing a divorce? Living in the red all the time? Health failing? I hate to tell you friend...but while "this too shall pass" (that gets on my nerves, btw...I mean who in the history of EVA wants to hear that when they are in the¬†middle of… Continue reading Get OUT of the Valley – LITERALLY

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Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1

One day I woke up and was the room mom for my third child. I'd been there and done that so it was nothing new. You know, the usual, Christmas themed plates/napkins, fruit trays, chicken nugget trays, uncrustables, chips, cupcakes, cookies, and a couple of crafts to boot. We made jingle bell necklaces, foam Christmas¬†trees,… Continue reading Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1