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You CANNOT Make This Shi…Ahem, Stuff Up!

BECAUSE I don't have time to properly write about the goings on in my life lately I seriously can't make it up Truth is stranger than fiction It would be comical if it was happening to someone else (but it's not) it really is worth documenting if for no other reason I can look back… Continue reading You CANNOT Make This Shi…Ahem, Stuff Up!

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Top 10 Things NOT to Buy for Last Minute Gifts

Yesterday, I shared with you my last minute gift giving guide and spared you any guilt of procrastinating. Today, let's review my Top 10 Things NOT to Buy. No matter how desperate you not...I REPEAT...Do not buy any of these. ANYONE YOU LOVE & WITH WHOM YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN FRIENDS A Savings… Continue reading Top 10 Things NOT to Buy for Last Minute Gifts

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Top 12 Last Minute Gift Guide Men & Women

It's holiday time! Are you looking for a few last minute gifts? If you are like me, you get a few gifts early on, get most everything done within plenty of time, but you can't seem to stop buying stuff until Christmas Eve at 6:00 whether the money has run out or not (who am… Continue reading Top 12 Last Minute Gift Guide Men & Women

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All My Failures in 2017

Well, it's that time of year. Mostly the time that people reflect on all the things they have accomplished in the past 12 months. It's a great time to update your friends at a distance what all has been going on. Nothing wrong with fact, it's a great way to realize all that you… Continue reading All My Failures in 2017

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Top 12 Games Women Play, Including Me

Yes, I am a woman who still plays games. What, you don't? grew out of that whole "game-playing" thing in college? high school? middle school? Really? I suppose some of us ME...just never grow out of childish things such as playing silly games. Yep...that's fine. Stay on your pedestal friends...go my confessions of… Continue reading Top 12 Games Women Play, Including Me

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Cry Me a River

Do you watch Netflix? What about Amazon Prime? Yeah, me too. The other night I stumbled upon a movie - "I'll See You in My Dreams". It was a decent movie and passed the 2 hrs that I was unable to sleep. The main character, Carol, (Blythe Danner), was a widower who had been unable… Continue reading Cry Me a River

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Top 14 Cool Stuff Then & Now

If you are from my generation, ahem, the 1900s, there are likely things that are cool and hip in 2017, that were not even thought of "back in my┬áday". Just think about the evolution of a music playing device. We've come from a 20 lb boombox that plays up to 13 songs on one CD,… Continue reading Top 14 Cool Stuff Then & Now