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You CANNOT Make This Shi…Ahem, Stuff Up!

BECAUSE I don't have time to properly write about the goings on in my life lately I seriously can't make it up Truth is stranger than fiction It would be comical if it was happening to someone else (but it's not) it really is worth documenting if for no other reason I can look back… Continue reading You CANNOT Make This Shi…Ahem, Stuff Up!

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2018 – The Proposed Pattern & Practices

Today is the final blog post in my 4-part, 2018 New Year series. I've covered everything from The Process and  The Plan, while admitting The Potential Pitfalls and now The Proposed Pattern & Practices to put in place to help me pull it off. As I've shared, it's going to take work. Planned, diligent work… Continue reading 2018 – The Proposed Pattern & Practices

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2018 – The Potential Pitfalls

Today is blog post 3 out of 4 in my 2018 New Year series. Starting with "The Process", moving to "The Plan", admitting "The Potential Pitfalls" (cause I know they are coming & want to be prepared) and tomorrow will end with "The Proposed Pattern & Practices" (the action plan & items that will help… Continue reading 2018 – The Potential Pitfalls