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Pity Party Invitations are in the Mail

Commiserate - to express or feel sympathy or pity; sympathize. When we are sad, grieving, discouraged, lonely, or feeling beat down, sometimes it feels good to share stories with someone who has been through something similar. Someone who "gets it". Perhaps someone who is sympathetic towards us and our situation. There's nothing wrong with that.… Continue reading Pity Party Invitations are in the Mail

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2018 – The Proposed Pattern & Practices

Today is the final blog post in my 4-part, 2018 New Year series. I've covered everything from The Process and  The Plan, while admitting The Potential Pitfalls and now The Proposed Pattern & Practices to put in place to help me pull it off. As I've shared, it's going to take work. Planned, diligent work… Continue reading 2018 – The Proposed Pattern & Practices

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2018 – The Potential Pitfalls

Today is blog post 3 out of 4 in my 2018 New Year series. Starting with "The Process", moving to "The Plan", admitting "The Potential Pitfalls" (cause I know they are coming & want to be prepared) and tomorrow will end with "The Proposed Pattern & Practices" (the action plan & items that will help… Continue reading 2018 – The Potential Pitfalls

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2018 – The Plan

In yesterday's post, 2018 - The Process, I laid out my process of figuring out just what I wanted 2018 to look like for me. I followed my steps of listening, looking searching, documenting, and deciding. Over the span of fewer than 2 weeks, I got the message. LOUD & CLEAR. My guiding thought, word,… Continue reading 2018 – The Plan

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2018 – The Process

Over the past two weeks, I've been thinking, contemplating, soul-searching, and considering what I'd like my 2018 to look like. I'm not big on New Years' Resolutions, so I don't really make a list of those. However, I am determined to take full advantage of new beginnings. My main goal is to be intentional in… Continue reading 2018 – The Process

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Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1

One day I woke up and was the room mom for my third child. I'd been there and done that so it was nothing new. You know, the usual, Christmas themed plates/napkins, fruit trays, chicken nugget trays, uncrustables, chips, cupcakes, cookies, and a couple of crafts to boot. We made jingle bell necklaces, foam Christmas trees,… Continue reading Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1

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15 Minutes of Life Candy Kindness

In the past 24 hours, have you wasted 15 minutes? Have you squandered 15 minutes (or longer) on mindless internet surfing? Gossipping? "Organizing" clutter by moving it from one surface to another? Stacked up dishes in the sink instead of loading them in the dishwasher? Mindlessly wandering the aisles of a store? I have.  15… Continue reading 15 Minutes of Life Candy Kindness