All the Feels, Lessons Learned

Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1

One day I woke up and was the room mom for my third child. I'd been there and done that so it was nothing new. You know, the usual, Christmas themed plates/napkins, fruit trays, chicken nugget trays, uncrustables, chips, cupcakes, cookies, and a couple of crafts to boot. We made jingle bell necklaces, foam Christmas trees,… Continue reading Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 1

Biblical Truths

Be The Light Blog Series

Welcome to my "Be the Light" blog series. My next few posts will be related to sources of light. This series is the first inside my newest category - Biblical Truths. I decided to add a new master category because I am going to be working on some devotionals and Bible studies. Blogging about them… Continue reading Be The Light Blog Series