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40 Day “ME” Challenge

Recently, I was given a challenge by an amazing, Godly woman. A woman whom I revere and admire. A woman who admittedly is not perfect, but a strong believer, compassionate, and truth speaker. Kindness is her MO but she never skirts the truth or accepts bad behavior. Turning a blind eye is simply against her… Continue reading 40 Day “ME” Challenge

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15 Minutes of Life Candy Kindness

In the past 24 hours, have you wasted 15 minutes? Have you squandered 15 minutes (or longer) on mindless internet surfing? Gossipping? "Organizing" clutter by moving it from one surface to another? Stacked up dishes in the sink instead of loading them in the dishwasher? Mindlessly wandering the aisles of a store? I have.  15… Continue reading 15 Minutes of Life Candy Kindness