All the Feels, Broken, Exposed Series

I’m Not That Girl

You know the one...she's in her late 30's early 40's. She is a sahm, with 3 kids, successful part-time business in real estate (only works when she wants to), attractive, positive thinker, and an amazing cook. Normally she would fall into the category of the woman all women love to hate, but she's so sweet… Continue reading I’m Not That Girl

All the Feels, Get Real Series

Cry Me a River

Do you watch Netflix? What about Amazon Prime? Yeah, me too. The other night I stumbled upon a movie - "I'll See You in My Dreams". It was a decent movie and passed the 2 hrs that I was unable to sleep. The main character, Carol, (Blythe Danner), was a widower who had been unable… Continue reading Cry Me a River

Exposed Series, Lessons Learned

I survived, ahem…I THRIVED

Guess what? We all have a story...some chapters we'd rather not read out loud...but they still make up our beautifully broken story of courage, strength, rebirth, and worthiness. Own your story and do not let anyone ever use it against you! Growth is the best personal revenge on anyone who is using the past to… Continue reading I survived, ahem…I THRIVED

All the Feels, Exposed Series

Recovery Part 1

Have you ever had surgery? Something is broken in your body and needs to be fixed. Thus, your body is put to sleep, a deep sleep, so it can be fixed. Only you don't always wake up feeling all better. In some cases, the pain relief is immediate. However, many times the trauma of surgery… Continue reading Recovery Part 1

All the Feels, Exposed Series


What do you do when things are broken? In some cases, that's an easy answer. Broken dollar tree toy...chunk it. Broken toothpick, broken glass...chunk it. But some things take a bit more thought...Broken piece of furniture...fix it, repurpose it, give it to someone who knows how to fix it since you don't, it's too far… Continue reading Broken