Woman Who Owns the Soul

I am a mommy to 4 blessings whom I absolutely adore. The first 3 were born of my body and the 4th was born in my heart. Ranging in ages 23 to 3 (as of 2018), they have taught me a lot about myself…some good…many not so good. I am a music-loving, recovering perfectionist, who is too direct sometimes, use 😉 and 🙂 way too much, and love clothes, interior design, and the written word. I get paid to do a job I love as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for an educational software company. My mantra is “be the change” and believe while I cannot change the world, perhaps making a dent in my corner of it is good enough. Oh My Stars (OMS) is my go-to and I believe a day without humor and sarcasm=24 hours wasted. I’ve been accused of many things (some are actually true) but being subtle has never been one of them. I’m ok with that. I’m addicted to LaCroix and most days fail miserably at what I’d hoped to accomplish. Hopefully, you will find laughs, comfort, and inspiration as you read my blog.

We all have stories. Welcome to mine.

3 thoughts on “Woman Who Owns the Soul”

  1. Julie,

    I wanted to let you know that 3 minutes part 2 really spoke to me and my wife. God used it to help me draw closer to Him. It is really hard to explain how unless I tell you a really long story. I do know that I needed to read it. After I read it I began to praise Him. He is so faithful and loving. Thank you for sharing.


    1. WOW, Geoff! Thank YOU for sharing…I would imagine your journey is a difficult story to tell…but recognizing that you and your wife learned what God means when he says “count it all joy” is a gift that it sounds like you have accepted…although reluctantly. Thanking GOD for all of HIS knowledge and care for us. He doesn’t cause the bad, he doesn’t want the sorrow and pain for us…HE simply holds us up through it and comforts us through our learning of a strength that can ONLY come through HIM…One day I am going to share with my friend (who is still very much going through the pain and loss of it all) how his story touched an ol’ friend. God bless you and all your family!!


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