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Ever Been Stuck?

I remember one time as a teenager…joy riding as a 16 yo with my best girlfriend (Lori) and two-18 yr old boys (Jimmy & whats his name???), in a truck, in the woods, looking for trouble. Out where we shouldn’t have been, our parents wouldn’t have approved, and likely had we gotten caught would’ve had a little H-E-double-hockey-sticks to pay. Yet, we were there…acting as if, we would never get caught, nothing could go wrong, and we would never get stuck…


Get stuck, that is. You know…the ol’ “let’s go muddin’ and have some fun, yall”!! (FAMOUS LAST WORDS). Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, in that case, you must not know me well enough to know that I went to a red-necker than red (SHOUT OUT TO MY WALTER WELLBORN PEEPS) high school and even though I thought I was a city-girl (insert eye roll)…I was every bit a small-town girl with a thick southern accent (proud of it) and “big city” dreams (I headed straight to the big city of Montgomery for college right after high school…BIG CITY…phew…yep…got it covered (double eye roll)).


Have YOU ever been stuck? Literally…stuck in the mud. The muck. The quicksand. Fast forward to grown-up life…real-life…

“I’ve got a mortgage, 2.5 kids, leaky roof, dog, crappy marriage, mom has cancer, bald tires, air conditioner on the fritz, one paycheck away from a disaster, no-direction, drink whiskey/wine as soon as I clock out, and watch “Wheel of Fortune” at night hoping it will all go away, only to wake up in my recliner at 3:00 am to do it all over again when my alarm goes off at 6:00 am”, STUCK?

No? Good for you. Really…like WOW…that’s great! Cause if you have…ever been THAT kind of stuck…it SUCKS, yall!! Farealzzz…

Stay with me…I can’t say my “stuck” looks exactly like the scenario I put in ” ” above…but yeah…I’ve SOOO been stuck. In fact, not so sure that I’m not stuck as we speak. The truth is, sometimes we KNOW. We feel it. That bubbling up in our soul. That unrest, disgust, frustration, the charge, the drive…that points to our unmotivated, laissez-faire attitude, and openly proclaims…

“GIRL, you stuck!”

While other times, we are simply going through the motions and are oblivious to our inaction and contentment with sub par behavior and decisions. It’s as if we figuratively throw up our hands and accept things as they are. Believing statements like

“This is as good as it gets”.
“I can’t fix this”.
“I have no control”.
“It’s no use”.

Perhaps that’s the most dangerous kind of being “stuck”. The apathetic, hopeless, casual response, void of energy or desire to bubble up from anywhere, rather settling in a warm, cozy, comfortable (although repulsive) place that half-heartedly proclaims…“I’m good. You’re good. Leave me alone. It’ll be fine. We are all fine”. 

My friends…that is NOT what GOD has CALLED YOU OR ME to do or to be!!! Contentment is to be revered, respected, and sought after. But SETTLING…settling for “fine” AIN’T GOOD ENOUGH…

I follow a few AMAZING WOMEN on Instagram & Facebook and their stories, passion, and heart INSPIRE me!!! (Kristine Lowen Weyher, Kelly Smith Parrott, Abbie Greer, and Katie Graham – KtGraham09, Jenn.Kerns, Paige Randolph/Root 44 Salon).



THEY have been STUCK before. They aren’t super heroes. They weren’t given “special” powers by our Creator. In fact, they really aren’t anything special (love you ladies, for real!!)…except…they ARE EXTRAORDINARY, LIFE BREATHING, UNWILLING TO ACCEPT STATUS QUO, OWNING THEIR OWN STUCKNESS, & OPENING THEIR HEARTS to the world about their journey to break free from the muck, the mud, and the quicksand.


They have decided, come what may…They will proclaim what the LORD Himself has put in their heart and soul to recover from a life of mediocracy & habits of yielding to the enemy’s lies.

Growth & change are painful. But NOTHING is as painful as staying where you DON’T belong.

In what area of your life are you STUCK? Don’t be ashamed or afraid. It’s not a secret. It’s YOUR secret…yes!…BUT everyone knows. Seriously. They. KNOW.

  1. Weight
  2. Anger
  3. Drinking too much
  4. Social Media
  5. Not being a “present mom”
  6. Not being a “present wife”
  7. Apathy
  8. Prayer life
  9. Unbelief
  10. Unmotivated
  11. Hopeless
  12. Impulsive
  13. Poor financial choices
  14. Hoarding
  15. Slacking/Laziness
  16. Bible Study
  17. Friendship
  18. Nurturing/Teaching children
  19. Housecleaning
  20. Gratitude

REMEMBER: If you are stuck in an airport…you will likely buy food, sunglasses, perfume, and perhaps a purse. But at the end of the day you are still stuck, a few pounds heavier, smelling good, covered eyes, and holding an empty purse. – julie owen

Stuck is stuck no matter how you feed it, decorate it, or clean it up. Think about that. – julie owen

No action needed? NOPE…NO CHANCE…you have do to SOMETHING.

  1. ADMIT AND SAY ALOUD – I am stuck.
  2. ADMIT AND SAY ALOUD – I don’t want to be stuck.
  3. Do ONE THING RIGHT NOW (not tomorrow) that supports statement #2.
  4. Tell a close friend & trusted mentor about statement #2 & #3.
  5. Pray to God for help and to send someone to help you.
  6. Wake up, repeat # 1, 2, & 3.
  7. Mess up…start over with step #1.

That’s it. There is NO secret sauce. DO IT! SAY IT! FIGHT IT! OWN IT! BE IT!

God speed & God bless us all who are drowning/existing in ‘stuckness” that desire & ache for more!

the whole truth & nothing but,

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