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Praying for Rain?

Have you ever prayed for rain? I suppose most all of us have at some point. Certainly farmers have likely done so more than the average citizen. Perhaps I have but couldn’t recall as I reflected on the current season in my life.

In times of dreary, rain-soaked, shoulders making way for weary, discouraged emotions, it’s unlikely that I’d be praying for “more rain”.

However, rain produces growth…no doubt about it. Perhaps that’s what RaeLynn was referring to in her recent chart-topper, Praying for Rain.

Which leads me to a conversation I had with a friend about the dreary weather that had plagued this area several months ago and how we were excited to see the sun peaking through the clouds. She commented on visiting friends in Seattle a few years ago and how the weather was so rainy and dreary. But, she said, “I’ve NEVER seen anything, anywhere, SO LUSH. There are flowers everywhere! They are beautiful and cheap because of their abundance”.

Can you imagine being surrounded by beautiful, richly-colored, natural wonders all the time? Stepping in the thickest grass with the softest blades in between your toes (not the kind of thick grass in Montgomery, AL yards due to the overgrown thatch ;))! When she was talking, all I could think about was tulips everywhere and the fragrant smells that likely line the streets and walkways in Seattle and surrounding areas.

I’ve never been there. Seattle, that is. Honestly, I have no desire to go. It has never even crossed my mind of wanting to go visit a city plagued with rains, overcast skies, cloudy days, and undoubtedly bad hair days (ladies, can I get an amen?). Days filled with rubber boots, umbrellas, damp shoulders, and damaged-tip suede shoes. Yeah…not for me…


BUT…what about those flowers? The trees? The most brilliant colors that would rival Mr. Crayola himself? Those amazing fragrances that Elizabeth Arden could only mimic and manufacture with chemicals?

A lot of people live in Seattle. Like over 700,000 people. I doubt every single one of them is a fan of the rain.  In fact, I would bet that many of them don’t like walking around carrying a wet umbrella, wearing hats, and those darn bad hair days. Yet, they live there. They eat, work, play, and undoubtedly enjoy where they live.


It’s about trade-offs. Maybe they live there because of a great job with great colleagues and love what they do. Maybe they grew up there and want to stay close to family. Maybe they have great hair and it looks good no matter how mistified-damp it gets.

But maybe…just maybe…they LOVE the flowers, cool, lush, thick blades of grass, and the fragrances that dance under their noses as they stroll through the park. The new growth they witness on a continual basis.

What trade-offs have you made?

It kind of reminds me of a solid, strong, long-term marriage. I suppose trade-offs are made daily in some cases. Overlooking those little annoying things about your significant other because the PERSON is SIGNIFICANT…the annoying habits are insignificant. Knowing you have a safe place to land, a best friend to come home to, a confidant that will never share your fears or secrets…someone with whom you can share life’s greatest joys…the one who lifts you up when you are broken and breathes life back into you when exhaustion has overtaken you. That’s a trade-off, my friends. Well worth it too, I would imagine.

It’s like an agreement. A forever commitment and contract that says I’m willing to live through the rain with you in order to experience the beauty of GROWTH. You are willing to carry the umbrella, pull out the rain boots, clean up the muddy tracks on the freshly mopped floor, JUST to enjoy the fragrant, rich,  lush growth of something so beautiful that ONLY God himself could have ordained it and created it.

Praying for Rain

I’ll admit it, currently I am NOT praying for rain. In fact, at times I feel as though the monsoons I’ve already lived through are enough “rain” to last me a lifetime. I mean WHO asks for rain and the hassles that can go with it? Most often we pray for blessings and peace…But, if I found the courage to do so perhaps I would be filled with blessings through raindrops.  No matter what phase in life you find yourself, certainly something to consider.

the whole truth & nothing but,

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