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Get OUT of the Valley – LITERALLY

In the dumps? Life been cruel to you lately? Facing a divorce? Living in the red all the time? Health failing? I hate to tell you friend…but while “this too shall pass” (that gets on my nerves, btw…I mean who in the history of EVA wants to hear that when they are in the middle of hell? NOT me!…just sayin) it may not pass for a




You may have to get comfortable in that valley (mud pit, pitch-black-well hole, quick sandpit, you get the idea). Make friends with the mud and the muck. Settle in with a comfy pillow and your favorite book. It’s gonna be a while, yall.

Photography by H. Sumner/ Births, Landscapes, Portraits: Photo Art &emdash; Havasupai Hilltop Overlook

BUT…in the meantime…find an enormous mountain, big mountain, monstrous hill ok…ok…just find a dirt or gravel pile that’s taller than you somewhere. Drive to it. Walk to it. Run to it.

Climb up it.

To the very top. Stand there. Feel the wind on your face. Hold your hands up in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care. Yell. Scream. Proclaim victory over the load of crap life is handing you right now. Jump up and down. Well, if you are on a gravel pile you may want to rethink that jumping part lest you fall down and well…you can see where I am going with that. Photography by H. Sumner/ Births, Landscapes, Portraits: Photo Art &emdash; Havasu Falls on Havasu Trail

Do this at least once. THEN do. it. again. *AND. again. Keep going to that mountain, hill, pile. Climbing to the top and feeling the wind on your face and sun on your back. Or rain on your shoulders, whatever (keepin’ it real here, folks).

gravel pile

No, it won’t fix the problems. It won’t change your circumstances. But, it has been my experience that while in a valley you pretty much have nothing else to lose and you should be willing to at least give it a go. The truth is this may be the ONLY thing you can physically do to get out of feel like you are out of the valley even if it is temporary. Because you are literally OUT OF THE VALLEY AND ON THE MOUNTAINTOP (or something like that ;)). At least when you climb back fall back down into that valley (i.e. mud pit, quicksand pit, pitch-black-well hole) you will have something to hold on to. Some small experience and pleasant memory that made you feel free and even powerful for a few minutes. It can also serve as an event you will look forward to the next time (see *AND. again. reference previously mentioned)Photography by H. Sumner/ Births, Landscapes, Portraits: Photo Art &emdash; Part of Havasu Trail
IF you are in a valley right now, I’m sorry. Like I am REALLY sorry…It sucks. I know. I’ve been there too. Like a FAREAL valley…not the “I’m having a bad hair day, got a flat tire, and my kid failed a test” kind of valley. I’m talking the tough stuff…my husband has been in the hospital for 2 wks and they can’t find out what’s wrong with him, they are about to foreclose on our house, they found a mass on my mom’s lung, and my son totaled his car yesterday kind of valley.

You can’t fix all of this kind of stuff by yourself. AND it sure isn’t going to resolve itself. It’s also going to take some time. Maybe a REALLY, REALLY long time. So, you are left to just DEAL with it and live in that valley while trying to take care of yourself, work a full-time job, care for your children, the house, etc. I get it. At this point, you probably don’t even care that “YOU AREN’T ALONE”. So I am not going to pull out that card. NO ONE knows exactly what you are going through and thus it’s impossible to share truly share the burden with anyone.

Just be kind to yourself during this phase/season of your life. AND I’m tellin’ you, friend…go find that hill and get yourself up on it, TODAY!

the whole truth & nothing but,

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