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2018 – The Proposed Pattern & Practices

Today is the final blog post in my 4-part, 2018 New Year series. I’ve covered everything from The Process and  The Plan, while admitting The Potential Pitfalls and now The Proposed Pattern & Practices to put in place to help me pull it off.

As I’ve shared, it’s going to take work. Planned, diligent work to do the little things daily in order to accomplish the big stuff. Kind of like eating an elephant…I often tell my team that you only need to concern yourself with doing the little things consistently. Doing so will yield and ensure results. Focusing on what you can do and control (your daily actions) is much more productive than thinking about what others may/may not do and how that will impact your success.

So…without further ado…here is my daily list of the little “to-dos” that will ultimately further my “TO-BE” goal.

  1. Cook dinner for my family at least 4 nights/days per week.
  2. Journal daily. Doesn’t matter what I say/write…but I have to make an effort by putting on paper, recording thoughts, or blogging.
  3. Daily affirming to those I love they are important to me. Will accomplish by writing notes, words of encouragement, and time spent with them.
  4. Limit daily social media time. 3 peaks per day. No longer than 30 minutes each time. This is going to be soooo hard. I don’t spend long periods of time BUT I do check in pretty often during the day. This will be a challenge for sure. Make meaningful comments instead of just hitting the like button (promoting my laziness and mindless scrolling).
  5. Practice the pause. I just have to bite the bullet on this one and do it. Daily I plan to practice the pause with ALL thoughts and words. Even if I’m not in jeopardy of blurting something inappropriate or hurtful out. If I practice it all the time, I am hoping it will become a habit and be easier to implement long term. This will apply especially when communicating with those I love.
  6. Read one book per week.
  7. Write at least 2 times per week.
  8. Learn 4 new skills. 1 Per quarter.
    • Crocheting
    • Hand-lettering
    • TBD
    • TBD
  9. Nurture friendships by communicating with at least one friend per week.
  10. Leaving this one open to fill in later once I get the others going.

I feel as though these top 10 ideas will be mini-goals that I can accomplish and do in little chunks helping me take baby steps to the ultimate prize…living my 2018 mantra…

Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, minding your own business, and staying busy working with my hands.


Progress Plan

Monthly accountability posts. Yep…I will be writing about my successes and failures directly connected to my goals and plan for 2018. The key will be how I’ll stick with doing all the things when it’s not fun anymore. Here’s to hoping I’ll learn some self-discipline along the way.

the whole truth & nothing but,




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