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2018 – The Plan

In yesterday’s post, 2018 – The Process, I laid out my process of figuring out just what I wanted 2018 to look like for me. I followed my steps of listening, looking searching, documenting, and deciding. Over the span of fewer than 2 weeks, I got the message. LOUD & CLEAR.

My guiding thought, word, mantra, and scripture were ALL tightly woven and deeply connected to me and what I wanted for my life in 2018!

Next up, I am laying out my plan. It is not a lengthy to-do list or a rigid set of goals and milestones. Rather, it is an effort. A To-Be list. A simple but significant, short but powerful, concise but thoughtful set of criteria that will guide my decisions and lead me to a life that I desire, crave, and desperately need.

Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business, and working with your hands. – 1 Thessalonians 4:11 

2018 WORDS

Quiet – be slow to speak and quick to listen. learn by listening to people and reading more. be more private. spend time meditating and being introspective.

Thoughtful – be careful and mindful while making decisions. be choosy and protective of my time. carefully consider my words and way in which I communicate. quieting my critical side and looking for the good things about people and situations.

Faithful – be diligent in my commitment to my family and my goals. be proactive to guard my heart, mind, and mouth. remain dedicated to everything that I know to be right, true, and good.

Creative – be busy with my hands. write more. learn a skill with my hands like hand-lettering, painting or knitting.

Diligent – be consistent, dedicated, and resolved to be quiet, thoughtful, faithful, and creative. living, minding and working hard to accomplish my goals.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll come clean on why this is all going to be so tough for me to stick with!


It AIN’T gonna be easy, y’all! 

Some of these “words/goals” do not come naturally or easily for me (ahem “quiet”, “thoughtful”???). BUT, there are some serious reasons as to why I need to make the changes.

Let the fun begin…Happy New Year! See you next year 😉

the whole truth & nothing but,

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