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2018 – The Process

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking, contemplating, soul-searching, and considering what I’d like my 2018 to look like. I’m not big on New Years’ Resolutions, so I don’t really make a list of those. However, I am determined to take full advantage of new beginnings. My main goal is to be intentional in my planning.

new year

No, not the list-making, type-A, fancy-planner kind of planning (not that there is anything wrong with that ;)). But the thought process behind making decisions that further my ultimate goals and choosing to stick with them in order to see changes. Real changes.

No, it won’t be easy. DUH! But, the first step for me was to visualize what I wanted my life to be, feel like, look like…answer the questions that require me to be accountable and accept full responsibility for my choices.

  • What does my life say to others about me?
  • How does it reflect on my family?
  • In what way does it connect to my priorities?

new year 1

I decided going through an “exercise” was the best way for me to truly flesh out my end goals. THEN figure out what I needed to do to reach them. So, I began my process in hopes of finding a guiding quote, mantra, scripture, or word for 2018.


LISTENING: To others. To music. To nature. To city sounds. Not just hearing noise…but truly listening. What could I learn from others? What emotions would music bring up? How would listening to nature move me? Could city sounds evoke any type of experience or memory?

LOOKING: At the daytime sky and nighttime sky. At nature. At my children’s faces. At my home and the contents inside of it. What would I notice that seemed new? What would make me smile? Would I feel connected to people and my home? Would I be overwhelmed with clutter?

SEARCHING: Art. Bible. Books. Internet. Stacks of clutter. Drawers. My Soul. What are my favorite colors? What would “speak to me”? What would strike a chord with me? What would motivate or inspire me? Would I feel frustrated? Would I feel wasteful? What is important to me?


DOCUMENT: I journaled. I wrote down random thoughts that seemed relatively insignificant but were intermingled with words, experiences, or deep thoughts. I also noted quotes, words, or inspiring stories I happened upon on social media that stuck with me.


REVIEW: Every few days I would re-read my journal. Then I circled recurring themes that seemed to continue to pop up.

Interestingly enough…it WORKED! Like LOUD & CLEAR!!

My guiding thought, word, mantra, and scripture were ALL tightly woven and deeply connected to me and what I wanted for my life in 2018!

IF, this is going to work…it means that every decision I make in 2018, should be guided and driven by what I SAY I really want. Any decision contrary to achieving my goal is being dishonest, cheating myself, and ultimately giving up on what I’ve decided my “dream life” looks like.

So…my success or failure is 100% my responsibility. No matter the outcome…It is




Come back tomorrow and I’ll share with you my plan for 2018! I doubt my personal theme for 2018, will mean much to you. But that’s ok! It’s about holding myself accountable. Once I put it out there, I kind of have to live up to it…or at least make an effort. Stay tuned!

the whole truth & nothing but,





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