All the Feels, Lessons Learned

Twas the Night Before Christmas – Babies Don’t Keep

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hall
Ava wouldn’t stay in bed, she continued to call.
Our names to come to her and tuck her in
But Santa was prepping to fill up her bin.

With sparkles and shimmers and dolls all aglow
With first morning light, soon she will know
The magic of the season with joy in her eyes
She will surely be so surprised!

She won’t worry or wonder or give it a thought,
Of how all her presents managed to be bought.
She’ll simply shout and clap and jump with joy,
To play on Christmas morning with all her new toys!

The broken down car will just have to wait.
The lawsuit papers are a little too late,
To spoil her fun with hugs all around.
She’ll thank Santa aloud and make happy sounds!

The oven that stopped and the trim that needs painting,
Will keep til tomorrow cause time ain’t awaitin’.
To watch her eyes sparkle and relish her gifts,
With innocence and gratefulness and a happy little lift!

The past due textbooks and overdrawn bank,
Worries of past hurts and when your heart sank,
Will soon fade away in a memory past,
When sweet Ava girl runs to the tree so fast.

To catch a glimpse of the jolly old elf,
Her eyes will twinkle in spite of herself!

The broken down wifi will be a costly repair,
But Ava isn’t concerned; she just doesn’t care!
Her focus will be on the joy of TODAY,
Her baby doll and beanbag will work either way!

On this Christmas Day, our family is complete!
God saw fit to bless us with one more little treat.
Another chance to try and get it right,
To save her and show her the light!

But who are we kidding? It’s easy to see,
Sweet Ava girl is the one who is saving me.
Her light has filled our hearts with love,
With the true meaning of family sent from above.

So for Christmas this year, we will reflect on the past,
To the good memories, we will all hold fast.
We will own our imperfections, forgive, and move on,
To look towards the new year into the unknown.

Working hard to set our priorities straight,
To learn from sweet Ava before it’s too late.
To relish each moment with those we love deep
Cause time ain’t awaiting and babies don’t keep.




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