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Top 10 Things NOT to Buy for Last Minute Gifts

Yesterday, I shared with you my last minute gift giving guide and spared you any guilt of procrastinating. Today, let’s review my Top 10 Things NOT to Buy. No matter how desperate you get…do not…I REPEAT…Do not buy any of these.



  1. A Savings Bond. Because no one wants to wait a minimum of 7 years in order to spend $25 on something that in 7 years will cost $50.
  2. Solid color tube socks. IF you must get socks (and that is perfectly acceptable as long as they are a fun pattern), do not buy boring socks.
  3. A book for the non-reader. Need I say more?
  4. Donation to charity in “your” name. There. I said it. Yes, it’s a nice thing to do. Just don’t give that to someone in place of an actual gift. (To my haters: I didn’t’ say don’t give to charities, so just cool your jets).
  5. An electric blanket for the person in your life who is hot natured. Not only will they not use it, they will likely be downright offended. In fact, just seeing one may give cause them to hyperventilate and break out into a sweat.
  6. A broom. That’s all.
  7. The Hidden Message gift. This was covered in yesterday’s post regarding motive. This type of gift will most certainly backfire and is different for everyone. In this case, it’s not the gift, but the motive in which it was given. Rule of thumb…when in doubt. DON’T.
    • Examples: toolkit to accomplish your honey-do list. gym membership for the person who needs to drop a few lbs. smaller size in clothes than the person wears. crockpot for the woman who doesn’t or hates to cook.
  8. A box full of convenience store goodies. Nothing says, I waited until the last minute to spend waaaay too much money on stuff that you care nothing about like a box of cheap sunglasses, souvenir shot glass, knock-off phone charger, a Dale Earnhart tshirt, and a bag of trail mix.
  9. Handerpants. Because. Well just because.
  10. Toilet Mug. (see #9 explanation)



Lastly, I’ll leave you with the sure fire way to know if the receiver loves, likes, or dislikes the gift you’ve given.

LOVES – (LOUDLY PROCLAIMED) “THANK YOU! I LOVE IT!!” If applicable, immediately puts on the gift (earrings, gloves, robe). Followed by a hug, kiss, and several mentions of the item later in the day. Including occasional glances your way that say “Wow, you really get me. You will be rewarded for this one lata…”

LIKES – Thank you! I appreciate (this is the KEY word here) this so much. I’ve been wanting this/that.

DISLIKES – Holds up the item and vocally identifies it. i.e. “Tube socks”. “A savings bond”. (learn more about the bad gift phases)

Bad Christmas Gifts

the whole truth & nothing but,

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