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Top 12 Last Minute Gift Guide Men & Women

It’s holiday time! Are you looking for a few last minute gifts? If you are like me, you get a few gifts early on, get most everything done within plenty of time, but you can’t seem to stop buying stuff until Christmas Eve at 6:00 whether the money has run out or not (who am I kidding, it has always run out before then).

So…if you are still in need of a few gifts, I thought I’d give you my top 10 reasonably priced gift ideas for men & women. Some of which are my personal favorites! Since you’ve waited until the last minute, I’ve helped you out by not suggesting any of those cool engraved watches or elaborately priced personalized jewelry! This is a guilt-free and judgment-free zone.


1-Snuggly Robe – PRICE RANGE – $20-$100 – I’m telling you…ALL WOMAN in your life want one of these…and if she says she doesn’t she is ONLY saying that because she is afraid it will mean she is getting older and she is trying to avoid becoming her mom. But trust me…she wants…NEEDS one!

robe2. Fuzzy socks – PRICE RANGE: $3-$10 – This is perhaps the most over given gifts among teenage girls in the history of ever. BUT, every woman NEEDS a good pair of fuzy socks. Be sure to get them in the next couple of days though…by week’s end, the only choices left will be solid colors or lame patterns and she will KNOW you waited until the last minute.

3. Gift certificate for a massage, mani/pedi, or to her hair salon – PRICE RANGE: $25-$250 – Not everyone is a massage person. There is nothing worse than getting a gift certificate that you cannot use. So…be SURE you know whether the woman in your life is a “massage” person or not. If you are looking for a less expensive version, try Virginia College. They are 1/2 the cost of expensive spas and still provide a great experience and nice massage. If a mani/pedi is also not her thing, you can ALWAYS go with her hair salon. Every woman enjoys some uninterrupted time in the hairdresser’s chair.

4. New undergarments – PRICE RANGE: $10-$75 – While you may not want her to open this gift in mixed company, trust me…she WANTS new intimates. Yes, she can just buy them herself. BUT, She won’t. There is nothing more demoralizing than putting brand new princess panties/superman underwear on your 4 yr old while wearing stretched out, faded panties that are older than your child.  *PSA: Do not…I repeat, do not buy the lacy, scratchy uncomfortable ones. Look in her drawer to see what she normally wears and prefers then follow suit. They can be pretty but should be practical. Remember they are for HER…not you. Always check your motives before you buy (just sayin’) *PSA #2: For the love of all that’s good, please get her right size. Check her drawer to be sure. Otherwise, this could go terribly wrong. (just sayin’)

5. Gloves – PRICE RANGE: $10-$100 – We don’t use these much in the south. So, most practical women will not buy them for herself. However, there is nothing better than to have a nice pair of gloves to warm your cold hands in the early morning. These are especially nice if your woman has to work outside the home or get in and out of her car often. While the North Face gloves are nice, you can get a pair of Isotoner’s and they will do the job just fine.


6. Subscription service like StitchFix (my personal favorite), Hello Fresh or BlueApron (meal with all the food, spices, and instructions you need for a dinner at home), Birchbox, or Ipsy (fun box full of beauty products and make-up). This is the PERFECT gift that includes all the things women love. Surprises, make-up/beauty products, clothes, and help with dinner. They all range in price from $10 per month (you can do as little as 3 months) to $200 per month. It’s your option.


1.Gift certificate for a hobby – PRICE RANGE: $15-+ – This doesn’t work in all instances but a round of golf, a bucket of balls at the driving range, a few games of bowling, or a session at the local gun range is always fun for the man in your life. Wrapping the certificate up with a box of golf balls, a golf glove or a box of ammo or hunting toboggan is a nice touch. PSA: Ladies, you have to be willing to let him go GUILT FREE, btw :).

2. A framed picture of the family or kids for his desk – PRICE RANGE: $20+ – Many times men don’t buy stuff for their office. Sometimes they do, but not always. This is a great opportunity to give him something a bit personal to warm up his space and to serve as a reminder of the smiling faces waiting on him when he gets home in case he’s had a bad day. (Ok, that was a little bit over the top and sounded all 1950s-ish, sorry…but it’s a nice thought, yes?).

3. New toolset – PRICE RANGE: $25-$250 – IF he likes that kind of thing. If he does do basic stuff around the house, there is nothing more frustrating than looking for a specific tool and not being able to find it. You can get anything from a new set of screwdrivers to a basic start-up kit which also includes pliers and wire cutters. Don’t forget the toolbox. Nothing elaborate needed. But having a nice box or bag to store the basics in, is the first step in keeping everything in one place. If he already has all the basics, go for an upgrade this year with a drill or jigsaw. PSA: This is “no-motive” gift…it will clearly backfire if you’ve been nagging him about fixing the stuff around the house and decide to drive it home with a gift such as this. ONLY purchase this IF he enjoys this kind of thing. Check your motives, ladies :). (SEE #4 in the women’s section…I covered his motives too ;)).


4. A new book – PRICE RANGE: $10-$35 – Is he a reader? Heard him mention any new books he’s been eyeing? Now is the time to get that book! Write a note in the front of the book for a personal touch. Don’t forget to add the date, Christmas 2017. One inspirational choice that has gotten rave reviews is “I’ll Push You” based on a true story.


5. Car wash kit – PRICE RANGE: $15-$50 – This may be too practical for your gift giving tastes. But my definition of a gift is something that you’d love to have but for some reason won’t buy for yourself. This falls into that category if you ask me! At the very least you can throw a few bottles of armor all in his stocking.

6. Master Charging Station/charging block PRICE RANGE: $15-$100 – These are pretty cool and multi-purpose. There are lots to choose from and will be useful to any man in your life. (Unless of course they are a monk)

Come back tomorrow for the Top 10 Gifts NOT to buy for Christmas or any other time for that matter.

the whole truth & nothing but,

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