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Good Ol’ Days of Christmas Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you my “walk down memory lane” reminiscing about Christmas school parties with my older kids. Depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog, you may/may not know that we adopted a sweet baby girl, Ava Reese, to complete our family of 6. This will be our 3rd Christmas with her. She just recently turned 3 and is the absolute joy of our life. She has brought wonder, innocence, and excitement back to our Christmas. Watching her anticipatory excitement when seeing Santa (as in – vigorously waving with both hands to him across the mall and shouting his name – kind of excitement!). Seeing her eyes twinkle as she watched the floats in the Christmas parade. Listening to her cackle while riding the Christmas train and her “woo-hoo” when riding up and down, all around on the carousel. Hearing her repeat with conviction to anyone who asks “What is Santa Claus going to bring you”…”A baby that laughs and sleeps”. It’s a gift like no other…it can’t be bought, faked, or even homemade. It’s just genuine, pure, joy.


That’s what I am getting for Christmas this year. It’s all I want.

The other day…when I was sitting in the car waiting for yet ANOTHER 15 minutes on my teenage daughter (see yesterday’s post), I had an epiphany as I scrolled through my social media feed and saw pictures of friends who have elementary-aged children.

I get to do that too!!! Woo-Hoo! I get a do-over!

I get ONE MORE CHANCE with sweet Ava girl to soak in school Christmas parties and all that comes with them and make NEW Christmas Good Ol’ Days. The stress, the mess, the headache, the cookies to bake, the joy, the toys, the smiles for miles, goodie bags (those things are from the devil himself, y’all) and kids that nag. But most of all…Most of all…


the whole truth & nothing but,


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