What Can Happen in Three Minutes Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I shared with you how 3 insignificant minutes had a pretty significant impact on my plans recently. The blog post ended with me finding out that my flight was rescheduled to 6:51 pm instead of 6:51 am!  That was pretty significant considering I would be arriving at my destination at 12:45 AM, the following day. So…

Me: “6:51 PM? (panic setting in) Oh wow…ok…that’s crazy…do you have any other flights available?”

Sir: “The next available I have is at 4:00 pm this afternoon, there are no seats available, but I can put you on standby”.

Me: “That’s it? Nothing any earlier?”

Sir: “Well I have some earlier flights, but they are all oversold, so the chances of you getting on are very unlikely. BUT, you are welcome to hang around for the next flight at 6:45 and maybe you’ll get lucky.”

Me: “Ok, I’m already here so I guess I might as well. Thank you”

Sir: “Ok, just don’t count on it. The flight is upstairs at gate 6. What is your last name? Ok, gotcha down”

Me: sitting at gate 6, feeling pretty hopeless…but fingers crossed nonetheless…knowing the flight has approximately 50 seats, I find myself keeping a count of every new person that walks up…

21, 22, 27, 29, 38…

6:15 AM

Me: I check my phone to see the time…only five more minutes until boarding time. I then check my emails right quick as a new one pops up…I begin reading an email from a friend. “we’ve been at the ER most of the night…we thought she was going to lose the second baby due to so much bleeding. So far things are ok…we are heading home. We are both exhausted”.

3 minutes…I thought about those 3 minutes that changed my day. Then I thought about the devastating, heartbreaking experience my dear friend is going through. What about the 3 minutes in the middle of the night it took my friend to realize that his wife was bleeding and may lose the other twin. The first of which they’d just lost a few days earlier. The 3 minutes it must’ve taken to throw on some clothes and carry her to the car. The 3 minutes that the worst was likely running through his head. So. Very. Sad.

6:25 AM…

Me: “Sir, do you think I will be able to get on this flight by chance? Please say yes.”

Sir: “It must be your lucky day”. Prints boarding pass and hands to me…

Me: Lucky?…eh…maybe I did get lucky this time. Lesson learned. I won’t ever be late for a flight again.

Also me: So what if I got on a 6:45 AM flight…my friend and his family are hurting. Badly. They are mourning the loss of a baby. Of a life they’d already settled into and imagined with matching outfits, double trouble, and two little lives that were supposed to be born together…at the same time…

Will you take the next 3 minutes and pray for my friend?

The whole truth & nothing but,

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