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Sometimes There Are No Answers

2+2 will forever and always = 4. No matter the number of new ways that surface to teach the concept (and there are apparently several in the past decade, just ask your teacher friends) the answer will ALWAYS be the same. Consistent. Predictable. Secure. Always.dr suess

Don’t you wish everything in life was like that? Definite, reliable, consistent answers to all of life’s problems? Why is it that we are never short of questions, but answers continue to elude us. Most often in times of much-needed clarity and desperate voids that beg to be satisfied like dry soil longs for water.

Many times, we search for answers to questions that don’t seem to “add-up”. Why would someone in dire straights financially gamble? Why would someone drink alcohol, get behind the wheel of a car, and endanger the life of himself and others? What makes people mistreat and abuse others? Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? Why do little children get cancer? answersThese questions just do not have convenient, direct, consistent answers. Sure the root of them all is selfishness. I understand that. But once you get past the initial root cause, the circumstances, individuals, and history add layers that complicate an easy answer. Often times outsiders or onlookers wear the puzzled raised eyebrow look, coupled with the slight head tilt. As if they are saying “hmmm” out loud merely with their body language.

From here, we have two kinds of people. Those that want to know the answer and are willing to go to any length to get one that satisfies their need to “know”. While others are “ok” with not knowing or understanding. They simply desire to help, support, and contribute to the solution; whatever that may look like. I like those kinds of people. But admittedly, haven’t always been one of them. In fact, my tendency is to want need an answer to every. single. problem. I am a recovering “need to know all the answers to all the things” kind of person.

I hear you. Some of you are thinking (aloud, perhaps) that in order to get to the resolution you must know the “why” (answer). Really? Do you know “why” 2+2=4 Yeah…me either.

The truth is sometimes when you dig for answers. Demand answers. Search for answers. You find them out….and you

A. May not like it
B. Don’t understand it
C. Are no better equipped to work towards the solutionanswers 1So…here’s to all the answer seekers. Nothing wrong with that…but remember sometimes there are no answers.

the whole truth & nothing but,

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