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Top 12 Games Women Play, Including Me

Yes, I am a woman who still plays games. What, you don’t? So…you grew out of that whole “game-playing” thing in college? high school? middle school? Really? I suppose some of us ME…just never grow out of childish things such as playing silly games. Yep…that’s fine. Stay on your pedestal friends…go ahead…read my confessions of games that I play and feel superior to me. Read on, friend. Read on.


The HOW MANY games

  • How many more things can I hold without dropping one? I really. Really. Do not want to drag that buggy to the parking lot. May. Be. Just. One. More. Bag.


  • How many days can I go without washing my hair? Thank goodness for “Not Your Mother’s” dry shampoo!! #rockingday4likeaboss


  • How many more things should I agree to do for my family, job, church, kids’ school, and neighborhood before I deem myself worthy or good enough?

The WHAT IF games

  • What if I go one more day without shaving my legs? Just one. more. day.  Give me those jeans, leggings, tall boots, whatever!
  • What if I lay here, really still, and play dead, will my toddler walk away and stop asking me for a popsicle (for the 100th time today)? zzzzzzz…she’s a persistent little thing, this one 😉


  • Does it really matter if I put on a sweatshirt over this thin tshirt and go to the store without a bra on? I can just lean over like I have slumped shoulders.
  • Do I REALLY need a shower today? I mean, I haven’t sweated *very much) in the last 2 days. I am just going to be at home most of the day anyway. Where’s my baseball cap?


  • If I go on a diet and cheat eat but no one knew I was on a diet, do those calories even count?
  • Since I went to the gym today, I can have a few oreos. (1 sleeve later…) It’s fine. I am going to the gym tomorrow.


  • I would’ve gotten up and gone for a run but the baby was up last night (ummm…woke up 2 times and went right back to sleep) and so I just decided I’d wait and go after work. Fast forward…it’s after work…well I was going to go for a run but the night just got away from me and now I’m too tired.


  • If I write something down on my to-do list but don’t actually get it done, do I still get at least 1/2 credit for that?
  • If I hold out long enough and refuse to do the dishes, one of the kids will get fed up with no clean dishes and end up doing them. 2 days later…still waiting…3.5 days later…still waiting…day 4…while doing the dishes, slam every cabinet door, clang dishes together, grunt and groan while chanting, am I the ONLY person in this house who sees all of these dirty dishes?!?! (ahem, that’s a rhetorical question, btw). Game over.
    • P.S. This game will get played continuously over and over. Every time the rules stay the same. However, it only has one player. Me.
  • Any mini miney moe, which stack of clothes is dirty, clean, and which stack needs to go?? Hmmmm…Ok…all into the washer it is. OR Ok…into the goodwill bag, it is. OR Ok…back into the drawers they go.


Lessons Learned from Game Playing

  1. Games should be fun.
  2. Not all grown-up games are fun.
  3. I hope I never get too old to play games.
  4. Some games make me feel old.
  5. It’s time for a Girls’ Night Out!



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