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Flashlights – Be The Light

This is my final post in the “Be the Light” series. It was the first series in my new category “Biblical Truths”. If you missed the other entries, check them out.

My earliest memories of using flashlights were as a young child when the power went off. I still remember my mom looking in our “junk drawer” in the kitchen searching for a flashlight WITH batteries. Thankfully we finally found one. We had stairs in our tri-level home and I can remember slowly walking down the stairs to our den, using the flashlight to lead my way. My fondest memory of using a flashlight was at church camp growing up. The last night of camp we would take the long walk down to the river and use our flashlights to lead the way. Backwoods Christian Camp holds a lot of special memories to me. I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside thinking about all the young Christians singing praises to our God as we walked hand in hand to the river.


That’s what God does. He IS our flashlight. His light is ALWAYS on and ready. When things around us go dark and perhaps we have lost our way, we should NEVER feel alone. His light is always there to lead our path. These are some of my favorite scriptures that remind me of His presence and light in times of trouble or darkness.

shine 1

Years ago I went through a very dark time in my life. A time in which all the candles around me were long burned out. Flashlight batteries were either lost or dead. Not only was the electricity out, but there was no generator to use as backup, nor was anyone from the power company coming to restore power. All was dark. It was a very lonely time in my life. A time when daily desperation mode seemed to be normal. In fact, I was so bad off that even I was too in the dark to realize it. I had no options. No choices. No help. No hope. Nobody. Sure, I knew in my mind that God was with me. But, my broken heart and spirit couldn’t even feel anything anymore. I. was. lost. there. was. no. light.

shine 2

There really isn’t any such thing as darkness, rather, the absence of light. Light is a good thing. It brings comfort, warmth, exposure, and clarity. Light exposes secret sin and hidden hurts. It frees people who are in hiding. Those who live behind a shield of darkness and deception depend on it to maintain a facade that soothes their wounds. Shining a light on the truth brings clarity and frees us to live the lives we so desperately crave…lives of authenticity and integrity.

When babies are born into this world, they are brought forth into the light. While being inside a mother’s womb may be the safest and most nurturing place for babies, they can’t live and thrive in the darkness forever. Eventually, it is time to grow outside of the safety and security of God’s perfect abode. Being exposed to the light ensures they will learn to have a chance to grow. Plants are the same way. They need the sunshine and light to thrive and produce fruit.

In a world full of darkness, hurt, pain, and evil powers, choose to be the light. Commit to claiming your role as light-bringer. Look over my Top 5 Ways to be the Light and pick what is most appealing to you. Then…OWN your light bringing qualities and practice them!

Top 5 Ways to Be the Light

  1. Smile. AT EVERYONE. Even if you don’t feel like it. YES, I am saying you should fake it if you have to. Smiles are free. Don’t cause wrinkles. Will change your own mood. Could be the ONLY light someone else sees that day, week, etc.
  2. Shut your mouth. What? Yes, if you are in a bad mood, irritated, frustrated, etc…just shut your mouth. You can actually be light by not voicing negativity which feeds darkness.
  3. Open your mouth (loudly) when you are speaking life and truth. People want NEED to hear life and truth. The world has enough death and deception.
  4. Give the gift of service. Do things for others that are small enough so they don’t suck the life out of you, but big enough to shine a few rays of light on someone.
    1. Make the bed for your spouse so they don’t have to do it.
    2. Open doors for others.
    3. Offer to help carry someone’s bags.
    4. Wash the car and vacuum it out for a loved one.
    5. Offer to keep a friend’s child(ren) to give her a free hour alone.
  5. Give out “light bringing” reminders. Get some business card sized cardstock and jot down a favorite “be the light” scripture of yours. Keep them in your pocket or purse. When you go out hand them out to cashiers, people in line, leave them on the table at restaurants. You can even drop them in mailboxes of friends or neighbors on your way to work or running errands.

All of these ideas are easy to implement and WILL make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

In a world full of darkness, I urge you to decide to BE THE LIGHT!

the whole truth & nothing but,

1 thought on “Flashlights – Be The Light”

  1. Love you my sister! Thanks for letting your light shine so brightly for others. Love your blog! ☺You remind me so much of Daddy. He had the gift of truly lifting others up!☺So blessed to be your sister!☺Have a great day!☺


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