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Fitbit Tracking, Sales Calls, & Eating Elephants

“Just one more” is not a new idea. BUT, it has recently impacted my life by reminding me that I am in charge of my successes. Did you know that often times we are our own worst enemy? We either make excuses for ourselves or apologize for making those excuses, all the while we could’ve done what we are talking about 3 times over!!


Yes, that’s in ALL CAPS! Now, re-read that statement, say it in front of a mirror and say it LOUD.

Let’s try something. Stand up close to a wall, facing it, on your tippy toes…reach as high as you can and notice where you touch on the wall. Make sure you stretch as HIGH as you possibly can. Strain if you have to. NOW…wait a few seconds…try it again. YEP…JUST ONE MORE time and watch what happens. You WILL be able to reach higher. Even though 15 seconds ago you would’ve sworn that there was just no way.

Still not convinced?

Recently a friend of mine shared this fitbit steps image on facebook. Apparently, she forgot to check her steps that evening before going to bed. Imagine her dismay and frustration the next morning when she saw how very close she was to 10,000 steps. Had she known it, I’d be willing to bet she would’ve taken, JUST. ONE. MORE. Ya think?

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.16.38 AM

Have you ever heard of Paul B Evans? He is a friend of mine who is known for his brand – “Success is NOT an accident“. Truer words were never spoken. He authored many books, creates motivating podcasts, and shares his motivational story around the country. You can bet he achieves daily success by intentional living and when he wants to quit, choosing to do “JUST ONE MORE”.

Screenshot 2017-09-04 14.20.41

Several months ago, I went to a sales training called Outbound Conference. It was a jammed-packed day of inspiration, call-to-action, and solid strategies that left me feeling motivated and energized. Among the four speakers was Jeb Blount – Sales Gravy. He uses the “just one more” rule when it comes to sales calls. Yep, that’s right…good ol’ fashioned outbound sales calls. He will tell anyone that will listen to him, THE key to his success is “JUST ONE MORE”.

“When It Is Time to Go Home, Make One More Call.”

Carrie Wilkerson is a name you may know…She’s branded herself as The Barefoot Executive. When you have a few minutes and need some motivation, read her story. She’s the real deal and has earned every bit of her success through hard work, consistency, and practicing the golden rule. She did a really neat facebook video a while back about “Just One More”. Carrie’s youtube channel is chock full of wisdom on subjects from “Momflict” to running your own business and everything in between. She’s an avid believer in “just one more”.


So…how does all this apply to you? Only you can answer that…but I dare say one of the statements below may speak to you! What is your JUST ONE MORE?

  • How will you ever finish that book you started? Read just one more page.
  • Will I ever get my paper finished? Yes, just write one more sentence.
  • Writing a book like I’ve dreamed of so long is impossible…Not if you write one more paragraph.
  • Want to run a marathon? Run just one more .5 of a mile.

So…how do YOU eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

the whole truth & nothing but,

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