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Sunsets – Be The Light

Continuing in our “Be the Light” blog series is one of my favorite love languages. This is the language that our Heavenly Father speaks to us through His creation. Have you ever heard God’s voice in a gentle breeze (Matt. 8:24-27)? Felt his presence among the snow-capped mountains (Prov. 25:11-13)? Have you ever seen his power in the ocean waves (Psalm 95:5)? Perhaps my favorite expression of His love language is through sunsets. Take a look at some of these breathtaking images taken by Hannah K Sumners, Jeremiah 17:7. She is a photographer in North Alabama and does amazing work! How can anyone deny that the One who brushes the skies is the Master Creator?

sunsetsunset 2

Whenever He paints a beautiful sunset for us to experience, it comes with a message to all those willing to notice, listen, and think. What message do you hear? I have a dear friend who not only loves sunsets, but she LISTENS and FEELS them. Just ask her and Alice will tell you how sunsets communicate a personal message to her…She lost her daughter, McKenzie over a year ago. Alice will never be able to hug McKenzie, hold her, talk to her, or comfort her on this earth. Rather, she will have to wait until they are reunited in the sky to throw their arms around each other. McKenzie LOVED sunsets! She was a free spirit with a beautiful soul who wanted nothing more than to help heal others. I believe Alice and McKenzie’s bond lives on through the beautiful works of art in the sky. #flyhiz

sunset 1

Sunsets speak to me too. “What goes up, must come down” (and go up again :)…that’s the message I hear when seeing a beautiful sunset. Watching the light slowly drift off into the earth, I am reminded that soon it will rise again. They’ll be a new day dawning with another chance to make it right. Mend that relationship, take back those critical words, start fresh, or have a better attitude. Knowing that every day is filled with new opportunities for adventure and doing good should help us be at peace when our heads lay on the pillow.

Sunsets also remind me that a time of rest is coming. Coming from a person who doesn’t know how to relax or get enough sleep (go to bed late and get up early), that reassurance on some days is my saving grace! Rest continues to taunt me. My body begs for it but my mind won’t give in. So many things contribute to my inability to sit still. However, I know it is so important. Even God, who is our perfect example, rested (Genesis 2:2).

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Do you struggle with resting? Letting go? Meditating? Being still? In my attempts to get better at embracing rest, I have found some scriptures to read and commit to memory. When you are desperate for rest, take a moment alone and look them up. Read them and write them down where you can see them daily (mirror, nightstand, office desk, car dash, etc). Let His word speak rest into your heart and soul.

  • Come to me and I will give you rest…Matt. 11:28-30
  • In peace, I will lie down and sleep…Psalm 4:8
  • The Lord is my shepherd…Psalm 23
  • They that wait on the Lord…Isaiah 40:31
  • I have overcome the world…John 16:33
  • Do not be anxious about anything…Philippians 4:6-7

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