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Eclipses – Be The Light

The next post in the “Be the Light” series examines a recent phenomenon that most of us in these parts (south) experienced to some degree or another. The ECLIPSE! I’ll admit it, I was not into all the hype, in fact, I was pretty much in denial about the whole thing. Instead, I was the unprepared naysayer. No glasses. No plan. No homemade cereal box. All this coming from the person who recently wrote about everyday adventures, you’d think I would’ve embraced the opportunity to experience history in the making. Fast forward to the night before the eclipse and I had an epiphany. Below is the email I sent out to my colleagues because…I was having a moment…


In the midst of all the solar eclipse hullabaloo…glasses, watching it on your phone in selfie mode over your shoulder, not taking pictures of it or you could ruin your camera lens, yada yada yada…a couple of things have popped into my mind that I thought were worth sharing

BE IN THE MOMENT: Videos and pictures are good to document special moments in our lives and those who we love…but may we never be guilty of forgetting to taste, touch, and feel the sights and sounds OF the moment, while it is happening. Always make an effort to be REALTIME and intentional.

WHAT ARE THE MOONS IN YOUR LIFE?: What or who in your life blocks the light? We can’t always (nor should we) toss those people who are negative and worrisome by the wayside just because they aren’t a ray of sunshine.…however, we must choose to limit our exposure to preserve our own eyes. Doing so will protect our vision to see the best in others. We all have things in our life that sometimes block the light and cause things around us to seem dark. Some “moons” in our life can serve not just as a light blocker, but a darkness feeder.

Think about it today as our ONLY true source of physical light (the sun) is overshadowed by a less powerful ball of fire. And remember…the fact that this only happens every century (or so) should give us all pause to remember that light is ALWAYS more powerful than darkness…

TODAY…go be the LIGHT!!

This “moment” that turned into an internal email with colleagues is actually what inspired “Be the Light” blog series. Thankfully, I was saved from my own unpreparedness by a colleague who brought glasses for everyone. By the time it was over, we actually had some fun with it and I made a short video that I posted on our corporate blog.

The day of the eclipse I saw a couple of pretty interesting posts that further elaborated on my thoughts. One was a guy named Chad Summers who’s post I saw on facebook. I’m not quite sure who he is but he makes a valid point that I loved!

Light wins EVERY TIME!

Screenshot 2017-08-28 16.17.21
Perhaps one of the coolest videos of the eclipse showed a time lapse of the light and darkness in Franklin, TN on their website’s home page. With over 2 million+ views, it has caused quite a stir since it is rare for a government facebook video to go viral. According to Milissa Reierson, Franklin’s communications manager, it was a last minute decision to set up the camera. Which made the popularity of the video even cooler!

To me, this video further illustrates how quickly, if we aren’t careful, darkness can creep into our life as our light sloooowly goes out. Possibly without us even realizing it. Notice how the process of darkening is so gradual. This video shows the hours in just over a minute. However, in real time, it would be much more unhurried. It is so important that we stay on guard to keep the powers of darkness at bay. There are several things we can do to stay prepared for the devil and his lies.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite all time quotes. Remember it when you are feeling shadowed by someone, overwhelmed by a big circumstance, or just need a reminder to be your best self.


the whole truth & nothing but,

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