Exposed Series


I don’t suppose I can say I’ve ever been “fearless”. Oh sure, I’m working on it, but it continues to elude me. Sometimes fear taunts me. Tempts me to engage with it. Cozy up to it. Reconcile with it so we can be “friends” again. But for today, I turn down the invitation and stay true to what I know.

I will be BRAVE.
I will have COURAGE.
I will be FEARLESS.

I’ve made no secret about how music moves me and my love for all genres and decades. I think it’s related to my ability to be vulnerable in my writing but not much anywhere else in my life. I think songwriters may feel the same way sometimes…like writing a song is the safest way to get out their soul thoughts without exposing their hearts. If you, too, are a music lover then you know exactly what I am talking about. My favorite songs about being brave, choosing courage, and the truth about fear are below. Enjoy…

the whole truth & nothing but,

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