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Have you ever stared at a beautifully wrapped package? Just gazed at it as the light reflects on the shiny paper creating a twinkling effect on the opposite wall. Have you studied the shiny ribbon, so perfectly tied into a bow fit for the Queen herself? Wondered, Dreamed of what the special package held inside?


You and I both know the immaculately wrapped container (Tiffany’s packaging history), could be holding something of great monetary value like a diamond ring or it could be nothing more than an old paper lunch sack wadded up for disposal. But on the outside, one would never know. So there is a dilemma.

Do you?

  1. Open it to confirm your suspicions.
  2. Egotistically reward your curiosity with a sparkling diamond.
  3. Confidently validate your assumption that a beautiful exterior = a beautiful interior.

OR, do you hesitate to unravel the beautifully perfect bow presenting the option to open the container and fear the potential.

Do you?

  1. Open it and in disgust and disappointment deny what you see?
  2. Chastise yourself for the destruction of the beautiful exterior only to be left with a worthless piece of trash.
  3. Devastate your intuition’s ability to recognize ugliness hidden to the world’s eye.

Nothing is wrong with pretty packaging. In fact, I propose that an outwardly enticing package can overcome interior woes, bruised hearts, and rough edges. Neat corners portray interest in the little things, while elegantly tied ribbons indicate an appreciation for detail. It is important that we take care of the outside.

The question is your motive. Do you dress up to try and cover up the ugliness or brokenness? Are you trying to sell a story to the world based on outward appearances alone? Regardless of the motive, the only way to truly know what’s on the inside is to open the package.

So, be careful. Choose very wisely whether to expose the mystery and prepare to be challenged, delighted, or perhaps disappointed.

Because one thing is for sure…once it has been opened, the mystery of what’s inside is forever solved.

the whole truth & nothing but,


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