All the Feels, Life Candy

Talking Tea Towels and Every Day Adventures

It spoke to me. I am pretty sure, almost certain,  positive the tea towel spoke to me! No one else heard it though. I know this because I looked around to see if anyone was reacting unusually to the soft whisper. Nothing. Nada. No one had an odd look on their face, seemed disturbed, or otherwise surprised at all. Not one glance in that direction, so I knew, the tea towel…

ONLY. Spoke. To me.

She had a message for me, ahem, the tea towel that is. It was a faint whisper but it echoed so loudly in my soul, I could feel the vibrations under my feet on the concrete floors. “Take me. Take me.”

I suppose it was bound to happen. The perfect memento of an all-encompassing experience which held my senses captive. Scents of nature thoroughly bathed in fresh rain, fruit pies baking, and damp woods all competing for my attention. Entertaining my sight with the colorful harvest of fruits and vegetables creating a rainbow feast for my eyes. All under the careful watch of an overcast, blue sky. Allowing the harvest to shine while serving as a peaceful, grounded backdrop. Touching the pooled water on benches and soaked chairs, while holding a sweaty water bottle challenged by the humidity. Running my fingers over the oddly shaped sweet potatoes and soft peaches taking pause to trace the rough areas and gently glide over the tender ones. Finally, tasting the sugary tease of the cold ice cream as it danced on my tongue and warmed my insides like a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day.

That’s when I reached out and accepted her offer. Yes. Yes, you can come with me.

Every day is a new adventure. Yes. Let’s do that.


Some days are just gushing with Life Candy. This was one of those days. What will be your adventure today?

the whole truth & nothing but,

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