All the Feels, Get Real Series

Cry Me a River

Do you watch Netflix? What about Amazon Prime? Yeah, me too. The other night I stumbled upon a movie – “I’ll See You in My Dreams”. It was a decent movie and passed the 2 hrs that I was unable to sleep. The main character, Carol, (Blythe Danner), was a widower who had been unable to move on and find love again after losing her husband in a tragic plane crash 20 years before. She was a singer in her younger days in a band. She befriends a young man many years her junior and they go out for karaoke one night. It was a little awkward and kind of funny in a real life sort of way. But, ultimately he gets her to agree to sing on stage at karaoke night. She sings a song called “Cry Me a River”. Blythe is either a really good singer or a really good actress (or both) because I bought the fact that she was really singing. Hook. Line. And sinker. I LOVE this 4 minute video clip interview of her about the movie. She’s stunning and such a radiant beauty.
More importantly…I LOVED the song. I’ve never made a secret that I am a music-lover of all decades (80s has the best, duh) and genres. But I’d never recalled hearing this song before. I immediately had to look it up. Upon doing so I found the 2002-release from the Justin Timberlake with the same title and the original release of “Cry Me a River” by Arthur Hamilton from 1953.
I loved the contrast and portrayal of the same message almost 50 years apart. Some messages are just universal, yes?
Sometimes you just need to cry it out, yes? But other times, you’ve simply cried every.   last. tear. you can over a situation, circumstance, or person. The sympathy, concern, heartbreak, and sorrow is GONE. That moment is a pivotal point in which we decide what we are going to do.
  • Grow up.
  • Suck it up.
  • Give it up.
  • Show love.
  • Rise above.
  • Walk away.
  • Make a way.
  • Accept it.
  • Neglect it.
Whatever you choose, know that while tears can be cleansing, eventually, they must be replaced with a DRY resolve to move forward.
the whole truth & nothing but,

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