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She Who Dies with the Most Stories

Recently I heard the phrase…

“He/she who dies with the most stories, WINS!”.

It gave me pause and caused me to think, which is not a common occurrence in my pea-sized, jam-packed brain.

Stories. What does that mean? Stories in which he/she was an active participant? Stories starring other people about which he/she read? Stories that were mere secrets tucked away inside a personal vault because he/she “promised not to tell”? I don’t know the right answer. But, it made me think, and for that reason, I am sharing.

So…are you a story listener, story collector, storyteller, or story maker? It’s up to you. I suppose I’ve been all at one point in my life thus far.

Best Story Listeners – The hes and shes who can listen without a need to respond. No felt need to find a solution, offer an answer, or even sympathize really. Just listen. They are also often the best “forgetters” because they don’t hold any of the details against the sharer or make empty assumptions about the occasional poor judgment that often precedes secret telling.

Best Story Collectors – The hes and shes that understand…NO, I mean REALLY understand that it isn’t their story to share, judge, or otherwise own in any way. They simply collect them with no motive, but to learn their own lesson. They have no felt need to take the “story” on as their own and therefore have no need to own the consequences good or bad.

Best Storytellers – The hes and shes who know when to embellish and when to pull back…using the highs and lows as mere cues to draw a listener in, hold them, make them feel it, believe it, and then question it. They are the main characters including the protagonist and antagonist, emotional and logical thinkers. They own the plot and often have several endings. They are egotistical when it comes to needing their audience’s attention and won’t settle for anything but 100% participation. They are the story. The story is them.

Best Story Makers – The hes and shes who are able to live a full life that includes many people whom they love and adore. They recognize the value of time over things and will also choose an experience over a static dust collector…even if it does shine and sparkle. The best story makers create the most fun and liveliest memories and do so in a way that limits negative impact on others. They experience the widest range of emotions and consider it a blessing and a curse. Status quo is a death sentence for them and try as they may to accept social norms and be satisfied, it’s a losing battle.


So…I think it’s fair to say I am a fan of the mantra –


Which one I’m best at, I’ll never tell…a good story________ never does! Suffice to say, I’ll likely have a smirk on my face in my final resting place.

the whole truth & nothing but,

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