Exposed Series, Lessons Learned

I survived, ahem…I THRIVED

Guess what? We all have a story…some chapters we’d rather not read out loud…but they still make up our beautifully broken story of courage, strength, rebirth, and worthiness. Own your story and do not let anyone ever use it against you! Growth is the best personal revenge on anyone who is using the past to hold you back. Even if that person is you. WHAT? Yes, YOU may the reason you can’t move forward.

Rise above. Choose love. Grow. Go!

My story isn’t over yet (neither is yours) and for that, I am thankful. I do not know what the future holds. But one thing I do know for sure…I survived, ahem…I THRIVED!


The next time someone says, “So…what’s your story?”, stop and think before answering. Remember that no matter what chapters you choose to share describing how you started, where you’ve been and who you are, you cannot define an ending that has yet to be written.

Natasha Bedingfield says it best in one of her older songs (released in Nov. of 2014),  “Unwritten”. Her message is piercing, timeless, and ever true. The pen is in your hand, my friend…

Today is where your book begins…The rest is still unwritten.

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