Get Real Series, Top 10

Top 14 Cool Stuff Then & Now

If you are from my generation, ahem, the 1900s, there are likely things that are cool and hip in 2017, that were not even thought of “back in my day”. Just think about the evolution of a music playing device. We’ve come from a 20 lb boombox that plays up to 13 songs on one CD, to a device that can fit into your pocket and play thousands of songs. So yeah, I’d say that’s a huge improvement. While on the other hand, some of the stuff that is mainstream nowadays really gets on my nerves. Does any of this ring a bell with you?

COOL NOW – NOT THEN – All the stuff I wish we thought of first because now I have to be envious of the NOW people. BAHAHA!

  1. Taking those cute monthly baby pictures with a 1 mos, 2 mos, 3 mos, etc, sticker on their onesie or in the picture. It really is clever and while I am sure I took pics of mine on a month by month basis, who in the world knows when was when. As a new mom, you need all of the remindings you can get!!
  2. Family lifestyle photographs that show angelic family members running through the meadows, kissing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. While they may be a bit unrealistic (is any family really THAT happy?), they are no more unreal than those weird, stiff-necked, sitting/standing pics everyone had done at Olan Mills back in the day! What were we thinking? I have several friends who are uber talented when it comes to photography. But my hands down favorite is Allison Hilyer Photography. WOW…she can make any family look like they love each other!
  3. Social media – What a wonderful way to document all life’s fun, funny, and funniest moments and memories. Love sharing my life and getting to know others so easily. (see social media’s appearance in 2nd list too). Speaking of social media…let’s be friends, you can find me on facebook and instagram.
  4. Phones and mobile devices – I love the safety and mobility having my phone brings me and my family. It truly facilitates freedom so that I can work anywhere without being stuck behind a desk. Also, knowing my children are only a phone call away from me.( see phones and mobile devices’ appearance in 2nd list too)
  5. Ordering things online – GAME CHANGER…who doesn’t love ordering stuff from the convenience of your own home with a few finger clicks. Why or WHY didn’t they have online grocery pick up for free back when I had 2 rowdy boys and a baby girl? Oh well, character building like rangling rowdy children is never wasted. WHAT? YOU HAVEN’T TRIED IT YET! Yall, you are missing out…click my referral link to get started – You can thank me later!!
  6. Multi-colored adoptive families – we really missed the boat so many years ago when it wasn’t talked about as much regarding adoption. Further, we had NO idea of the beautifully designed, colorful families that God could bring together. I just wish we would’ve realized it sooner. I am so thankful to live in a world that is becoming more colorful and less “black and white”.
Cole Portis Family
Baron Goins Family

COOL THEN – NOT NOW – All the stuff that wasn’t cool then and BOY am I glad of that!!

  • We know you are pregnant, ladies. Please STOP holding your belly for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE EVER TAKEN. Being sure to emphasize the top and bottom pressing your clothes to show the size of it or wearing a two-piece swimsuit at 9 months. Listen, I love looking at pregnant women. They are beautiful! But for the love of all that’s good, it’s ok not to show the outline of where your sweet baby lives in every photo. (send hate mail to
  • Social media – What a wonderful way to document all life’s perfect moments and even the ones that aren’t perfect to try and portray your family as perfect and make everyone else feel like a loser. Seriously yall, when you are in a bad place (just blew your diet, financially broke, depressed, or dealing with disrespectful kids) do not…I REPEAT…DO NOT get on social media. And what about all of those “bad choices” in our teen years…hey, if there are no pictures or videos then it didn’t happen, right?
  • Men’s rompers (still relatively new, but yall if this catches on???). We already have a HUGE problem with REAL MEN being a dying breed. We are raising a world full of wusses. There is nothing worse than seeing a man who doesn’t act like one (send hate mail to God made men to be men…now let’s put away the “rompers” and rise up to the calling. #wherearetherealmen #gohomesissiesromper
  • Baby wearing – Ok, ok, maybe there are lots of bonding benefits. But needing to get a break from the baby and using the excuse of “I can’t get anything done, while I am holding them” was my ONLY saving grace, people! Now, some “brilliant momma” went and figured out a way to do dishes, clean house, run errands, etc AND wear the baby the whole time. Hmmm…not sure that she quite thought that one through. BAHAHA!
  • Co-sleeping – The truth is I’ve lived through at least 2 generations of “what’s hip with babies” due to having a 22 yr old and a 2 yr old. It wasn’t mainstream (or at least wasn’t openly published and promoted) to allow your babies, toddler, or kids to sleep with the parents. Ours always slept in their own bed. THEN there was Ava… 🙂 We allow Ava to sleep in our bed from about 2:00 am until morning time because we got tired of fighting that battle. (Although I will say, we stuck to our guns for almost 3 full weeks…we deserve a trophy for effort, right?) While I don’t mind it very much, I certainly don’t enjoy being woke up with feet in my face or hanging off the edge of my bed b/c a 30 lb-2 yr old is taking up at least half the bed. I’ve resorted to the whole justifying arguments we have with ourselves like “she will only be little once”…”she’s our last one”. #famouslastwords #letthembelittle #spoiledbabygirl #becauseweold
  • Phones and mobile devices have brought me a lot of things but IT AIN’T FREEDOM!! Do you realize you can never get away from work, people, or even worse…YOUR KIDS! LOL…Seriously, I hate them for the same reasons that I love them. #splitpersonality
  • 1st day of school pictures and last day of school pictures – I don’t need ONE MORE thing to remind me of how I am failing as a mom. I am so thankful moms b2schooldidn’t obsess about taking those cute first days of school pics. It was something I did on occasion but mostly forgot. OH WAIT…those WERE hip and cool back then. My bad. Ok, yes I failed at that. I was a loser mom and didn’t do that. BUT JUST THINK…now I have social media to remind me and throw it in my face! #momoftheyear #thanksfortheremimder BAHAHA! In reality, I was probably the “real” mom who felt like the ladies in this picture when their kids went back to school. #keepinitreal
  • Trophies – FOR WINNING. That’s right people…back in the day, a trophy meant something. It said you excel in this or that. A certificate meant you put forth a good effort and should be acknowledged for such. Turns out that no matter how many trophies are given out these days (for things like showing up or brushing your teeth), there are still winners and losers. Some people are just BETTER at things than you are, and that’s ok. Get over it!





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