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Top 5 Things That Make Me Burn

What sets a fire inside of you? What inspires you, infuriates you, and irritates you? You know the thing that sets you off in either a positive way or a negative way. The “thing” that breathes life into your soul and wakes up your body. Your passion ignites and you are fully involved in minutes, most often without even realizing it. Some of those things you should avoid while others you should run wide open, take flight, and jump feet first into the fire. So…what makes you burn?

MUSIC inspires me and brings out all of the feels in me. Ever hear a song and it articulates exactly the way you feel? I am a music lover whose affection spans across all genres. Some of my favorite artists include Train, Drew Holcomb, Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys, Matthew Mayfield, Jason Aldean, Def Leopard, Luke Bryan, and the list goes on and on.


EXPERTS with no experience infuriate me. You know who I am talking about. “My child will never act like that”, “I can’t believe she allows her child to do that”, “Anyone can afford to stay home w/their child, they just don’t try hard enough, “I don’t believe in medication”…blah blah blah. Isn’t it amazing how much people know without actually living through it? Spend a few minutes with a mom who’s child has autism. Talk with a single mom who has no financial or emotional support. Share a cup of coffee with someone who is living at the poverty level and worries about grocery money. These are the heroes. The ones who LIVE adversity, trials, and KNOW what it feels like to have a difficult path. Those who casually throw around judgmental statements as if they are the experts…yeah, SAVE IT!

PLAYING the Blame Game. People who  can’t and/or won’t take full responsibility for their actions is enraging! I mean, for real people. If YOU said it, fed it, thought it, bought it, did it, hid it, stopped it, dropped it, spoke it, or broke it, JUST OWN IT! We all make mistakes…utter words we shouldn’t have, think things that are destructive, and do things that are hurtful. It’s ok. I can honestly say I have more respect for those who own up to their shortcomings and mistakes than those who spend all of their time trying to convince others that they are perfect. Just admit it, apologize, and MOVE on. See, now was that so hard?

family circus


LAZINESS. Yes, it’s ok to kick-back and enjoy a little R&R every now and again. If you work hard, you deserve it. In fact, I will likely die of a premature heart attack because I don’t relax very often. But I cannot tolerate laziness. What constitutes laziness? Well, I’m glad you asked.

  • Slow walking while working behind the counter at a fast food restaurant. FAST FOOD, PEOPLE, look it up!
  • Cutting corners or taking the easy way out. It will always turn out badly. Just do it right the first time and save yourself the time and embarrassment or worse!
  • Misspelled words, grammar errors, and typos in typed communications. I mean, COME ON! It’s called a computer, people. Use it! 🙂

ADOPTION. As a former foster mom and recent adoptive mom, there is nothing sweeter to me than loving helpless, deserving, innocent children unconditionally. If anyone deserves to be loved, it is a child. They are ALWAYS the innocent party and suffer due to the poor choices of adults. I have seen the lives of so many families change and become richer with the full understanding of unconditional love. Ours is no different. Ava Reece Christina Owen completed our family. Countless people have commented on how blessed she is and how she’s a lucky baby girl. But when I say WE ARE THE BLESSED ones, it is the cold, hard, truth. May we always live in a manner worthy of the gift that God has given to us.adoption

family silly pic
poor kid…she didn’t know what she was in for 😉

The truth is we are all adopted. According to Ephesians 1:5 (NLT) “God decided in advance to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure”. 

Want to feel alive and save yourself from possibly getting arrested or letting ugly words slip? Just focus on those things, people, and activities that bring out a positive, healthy passion that ignites your good side to go and serve others.

the whole truth and nothing but,


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