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Exposed – Closet Shaming

YES…ok, there, I admit it! My closet is a hot mess and it’s my own fault. First World Problems says (insert whiny voice) I need a bigger, walk-in closet…this one is too small. Wahwahwah. ‘Cause that’s just what we do…want a quick fix for problems that we, ourselves, create. Sure, having a walk-in closet would be nice, but then I’d just have more floor space to fill and more excuses of why I shouldn’t give away any clothing items.


I’ve redesigned the closet when laying in bed many a sleepless night. I’ve added shelves, shoes bags, and nice wooden hangers. Spending time on Pinterest drooling over those closet organizers and drawing up a budget and plans. Yeah, I’ve done it.

Friends, let me warn you though, my hot mess of a closet is not just a pile of shoes, overloaded shelf, and waaaay too many clothes. Look a bit closer. YES…it is an accident a middle-of-the-night, thundering crash that wakes the whole house and causes you to dart out of bed while your sleeping husband is having a massive heart attack, kind of catastrophic nightmare!

Sorry, mom.

06D98AF5-87B4-4381-90F4-39C7538C047AI mean, y’all, did you see that sagging bar? Look a bit closer. It is hanging out of the wall!!  It is supporting all of my clothes! What in the world?? EMBARRASSING!! You wanna know the best part? It’s been like that for over 6+ years!!! WHAT? Yup…so far so good. Am I pushing my luck or what? Brings back memories of the gas tank Seinfeld episode?

I seriously have these visions of Chip and Joanna seeing this blog post, feeling sorry for me, hopping on a plane so they come to my house and fix it, and end up gutting my whole master suite and making it look amazing complete with a walk-in closet and french doors! No? That ain’t gonna happen? Says you…Hey, a girl’s gotta dream, yes?

It could happen…that’s all I’m saying! #dreamsdocometrue #Iwouldnevercomeout

I did make a lame attempt to try and decrease the amount of clothes that were in my closet though. About a year ago, I decided to do a trial run of a capsule wardrobe. There are many reasons as to why people may choose to try it out. For me, the main objective was to decrease the time I spent deciding what to wear in the morning. Looking polished, neat, and stylish was also a critical aspect of the editing of my wardrobe choices. I chose a neutral pallet (black, gray, khaki/brown, and navy, white/off white) and had more options than first realized. I didn’t get rid of my other clothes (wasn’t that brave, let’s not get cray cray), just moved them into another room. The capsule included 6 pants (that included 2 jeans), 7 shirts, 3 skirts, 4 dresses, and a couple of jackets, cardigans, and vests. There are videos and articles online about how to build a capsule wardrobe. Check it out!

One segment of my blog I’d planned on writing about or showing was OOTD or outfit of the day. Not sure why ANYONE would care about what I wear or think is stylish, but thought it would be neat to document some of my personal faves to look back on through the years. Not sure how that will get me any closer to my goal of actually publishing a book, but good old fashioned distractions are my favorite! Let’s feed that ADD a little bit, she’s getting restless ;).

Do you see what I did there, I got a bit distracted…see what this closet mess does to me? Where were we again…ah, yes…closet shaming!

Guess what? Having an organized closet is likely not gonna happen. Know why I know that? Because I haven’t done anything significant in over 10 years to prove that it matters to me that much.

Ever HEARD people talk about what’s important to them, but WATCHED them do things in direct conflict? For example, a person says they want to feel better, more rested, and have more energy. However, that person does not choose to go to bed earlier at night, exercise consistently, and eat right to fuel the body with the appropriate vitamins and minerals (that person is me btw #owningmyowncrap). That person is talking about what matters to them, but showing the world a completely different message. (me, me, me)

We all do it. Carelessly toss around things we’d like to change and even making plans to do so. But then when the time comes to execute, we just don’t do it. Rick Burgess of the Rick & Bubba Show, says we may not always live what we profess, but ultimately we will live what we truly believe! That, my friend, is the cold. hard. truth. Amen?

So…don’t expect any newly organized closet pictures showing the before and beautifully redesigned after. YES, I want that, but clearly I am not willing to do anything about it. If you are looking to beef up your shelf installing skills, I’d love to be your guinea pig ;). Perhaps this will kick off my OOTD series. Only one way to find out…

the whole truth and nothing but,



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