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Fear – Impact of It (Part 1)

FEAR is something that I have lived with for more years than I care to count. Even though, I’ve finally let some of it go, it is difficult to overcome 25+ years of conditioned responses to things and people that light the fear-fire inside of me. It impacted almost every area of my life and for that I am both ashamed and angry. Nonetheless, conquering my fear begins with me letting go of my shame and releasing the anger. As both of them only allow the stronghold it had on my past to rule my future.

Photography by H. Sumner: Photo Art &emdash; Shoals Creek Bridge
one of my childhood fears was riding over this kind of bridge

What are you afraid of? Because I have struggled so much with fear, doing a 5-part series about the raw subject is a cleansing exercise for me. Perhaps you will learn something and be able to grow past the doubt and dread holding you back from the kind of joy that only comes from true freedom…freedom to learn, love, empower, and dream.

  • Part 2 – Fear – Power of It
  • Part 3 – Fear – Importance of It
  • Part 4 – Fear – My Battle with It (also will be tagged in my Exposed series)
  • Part 5 – Fear – Freedom from It

I love this video. Think about what Will Smith has to say about fear – “The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”. What do you think about that? Agree or disagree? Have YOU ever been skydiving? Come back TOMORROW for part 2.

the whole truth and nothing but,


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