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Life Candy – Laughter

“Life Candy” is a phrase that has become mainstream over the past several years. I remember when I first “heard it” (read it on a friends’ social media post-Gena Hill), I LOVED it! It made me smile and immediately I thought of seeing a child’s eyes light up (or my husband’s eyes…he has a bigtime sweet tooth) at the site of a colorful candy store with walls lined with m&ms, skittles, and gumballs. Seeing their mouths water as they gaze at the edible rainbow!

What does the phrase Life Candy mean to you? What do you love to look at, listen to, be around? What makes you stop in your tracks and pause to just take it in?

For me, life candy is LAUGHTER. I just can. not. get enough of it!

Old picture (just picture us a little older and tireder 😉 BAHAHA)

I love getting sore abs from laughing. Don’t you just love spending time with someone who can make you laugh until you cry or depending on your age, pee in your pants a little? Laughter is like a soul cleansing. It clears my mind, cleanses my soul, and makes me feel alive.

Do you know who has a great laugh? One of my bestest friends, Stacey Davidson. It’s loud, a little obnoxious, and is an open invitation to join in the laughter. It is infectious and genuine. Two elements that make it unique and my favorite laugh!

Do you know who has the BEST laugh? Our youngest daughter, Ava. OMS!!! Seriously, that girl can cackle like nobody’s business. The best part is that it takes almost nothing to get her going. When she’s in the mood to hee-haw, she will laugh so hard that it is uncontrollable. It brings a warmness to my inner soul like nothing else.


Sarcasm is often my go-to for laughs. I love me a good leprechaun video, some 80s jazzercise, and watching people fail (#sorrynotsorry) every now and again ;). But I have to say hands down, my all time favorite is the GRAPE LADY!! Can I get an amen? You, my friend, haven’t lived until you’ve watched the GRAPE LADY (I don’t get out much, what can I say?)!

I hope you’ve laughed today. Perhaps there is nothing funny about the tragedy, muck, devastation, or stress you are going through. I too have been through some pretty rough stuff (stay tuned for my Exposed series), so making light of your situation is not my intention. However, I do know that when the chips are down, options are few, and you are weary and weak, find something at which you can laugh. AND I MEAN LOL!!! Like really loud! If you shed a few tears in between, then sobeit! Pee your pants a little bit…so what? Let that joyous life candy drain the sorrow and fill you up, if only for a moment, with the gift of laughter!

the whole truth & nothing but,

2 thoughts on “Life Candy – Laughter”

  1. Julie, I enjoyed this because I love to laugh. I love blonde jokes for some crazy reason. For example: “Q. Why do blondes work seven days a week?
    A. So you don’t have to retrain them on Monday. ”
    Just saying…


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