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Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Mean

AND they will be. Not just every now and then. But a lot. Some people are just meanies, as my mama used to call them. Why do people say and do mean things? You are probably running through a list of reasons why perhaps you’ve been mean to someone in the past. OR you may be thinking about some life events that may cause others to act in an unkind way. Below are my top 5.

People are mean because:

  1. They WANT to be you.

    No, seriously it’s the truth. They want your life, clothes, car, job, personality, figure, spouse, family. Sad, but true. So the next time someone is mean to you, just say to yourself, “hey, that person wants to be me”!envy

  2. They are unhappy.

    Yep, whether someone is angry about their job, frustrated with their place in life, OR carrying a grudge over their lost love in the 5th grade, people are hateful to others when they are unhappy. Misery loves company. By bringing you down, they don’t feel so alone anymore. So the next time you encounter that “angry” person, remember, you do not want to be like them. So stay happy and move on.

  3. They are afraid.

    YES, being mean when filled with fearbe-kind is a real thing. It’s the most difficult “mean” to recognize because usually it’s the meanest meanies of all. A person may fear a new environment and lash out at loved ones around them instead of simply saying “hey, I’m uncomfortable with all of this”. Anxiety can be a very real trigger for some who act out in anger. This is especially true for children. When children have been mistreated, they will often be mean and act out in order to try and test the limits set by an authority figure. The fear the child has of being hurt or abandoned by the adult will drive the child to try and prove their fear is substantiated by getting the adult to walk away or act inappropriately. It is a painful truth. When these “children” who have learned to exist in fear grow to adults, it only gets worse.

  4. They are JERKS.

    Yep! That’s right. Some people have a mean streak in them and refuse to acknowledge anyone’s feelings but their own. They have no empathy. This is the person you should try and stay away from at all cost. They will say hurtful things, tell lies, and never feel any remorse. Because #theyjustplainmeanreckless words

  5. They are just having a bad day and need a little grace.

    We’ve all been there, yes? Remember that time you went off on your coworker because you got no sleep the night before because every single person in your family has been sick for over 2 wks and you have been the one to take care of E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!! Yeah, remember that day? That was you being a meanie. You can only expect grace, if you are willing to extend it.


So the next time, someone is being a meanie, the only advice I have is to…


Because there are already enough MEANIES in the world!

the whole truth and nothing but,




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