Writing a Book Begins with Writing

Yeah, just call me Captain Obvious!

Recently I started blogging again. I used to keep a blog years ago, but got out of the habit of writing when life got in the way and never made the time to start back. Writing is something I have always enjoyed from a love of creative writing in junior high, writing speeches in high school, and now working in marketing for my day job, so writing is something I do everyday. Authoring a book is on my bucket list and recently it occurred to me that I will never publish a book if I don’t get busy writing. So, here it is.

storiesMy plan is to write about anything and everything. So far the categories below have spoken to me and will definitely be main topics. There will be several blog series and that may evolve over time. My main goal is to get things down in writing out of my head and heart on to paper. Perhaps the day will come when compiling a portion of my writings will make sense. But until then, I hope my writing will leave you inspired, humored, validated, and encouraged. One thing I hope to do is to be as authentic as possible. The more genuine my words are, the more they will resonate with YOU, my readers. life


  • And I’m not even ON Snapchat 😉 BAHAHA

    All the Feels (emotions series – inaugural post – Broken)

  • Outfit of the Day – #OOTD (I love me some clothes and know how to bargain shop)
  • Sarcasm & Humor – I use it all the time…it helps me get through life without going crazy 😉
  • Projects – for the home, for the kids, etc (you know…all those pinterest ideas we never get to ;))
  • Lessons Learned – and boy are there a lot of them!
  • Top 10 – It may not always be top 10, but it will be a list of some kind
  • Exposed or Get Real Series (haven’t decided yet which one I’ll call it; this may/may not have some uncomfortable confessions)
  • Life Candy – beautiful things to look at
  • VLOG – video blogs – me and my AWFUL recording voice…but hey, sometimes you just need to say it up close and personal.
  • My Faves – Sharing things I love

Because some of us have short attention spans and others are visual learners, I’ll be including some beautiful eye candy to look at along the way. I’ve chosen 5 local artists (in the state of Alabama) of whose work I will be sharing from time to time. I’ll be introducing them along the way.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to connect with one of my husband’s students from years ago, Hannah Kilpatrick Sumner on social media. She is a mom, wife, and photographer. Her work is BREATHTAKING!!! I mean, y’all, for realz!! When looking at her work, I get lost inside of it. You can almost hear the water in some of her waterfall and creek pictures. For that reason, I will be featuring her photography from time to time on the blog. She photographs everything, as you will see on her site. My personal favorites are the locations she features. Go take a know you want to. Follow her on Instagram @hm_sumner too, for mini field trips that help you escape if only for a few minutes.

I plan to post at least 2-3 times a week, maybe more. Thank you for reading! Shares on social media and with friends are appreciated! Stop by early next week for my first Lessons Learned.

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