All the Feels, Exposed Series

Recovery Part 1

Have you ever had surgery? Something is broken in your body and needs to be fixed. Thus, your body is put to sleep, a deep sleep, so it can be fixed. Only you don’t always wake up feeling all better. In some cases, the pain relief is immediate. However, many times the trauma of surgery will actually make the pain worse before it gets better. One thing is for certain, after undergoing surgery, your body will require a period of time known as-recovery.


Perhaps you or someone you love has experienced or been through addiction. When a substance (legal or illegal) or activity like gambling or purging becomes more important than life itself to that person. It causes them to give up relationships, personal possessions, and ultimately all self-respect. Their addiction rules every choice they make. It’s a painful thing to watch and especially when you are close to the individual. When a person enters into recovery from the addiction, most often it means someone will literally be getting their life back.

Recovery is defined as a process of returning to a normal state of health, mind, or strength or the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. So far, we’ve talked about the first kind of recovery. But what about the second definition of the word and how are the two related?

If you’ve ever been a victim of a break-in or lost something of value, the word “recovery” probably has a special meaning to you. You probably remember the feeling you had when that precious ring, family heirloom, or your grandfather’s rifle was recovered. You probably experienced gratitude, relief, happiness, and vindication all in one moment.

processSo…how do the two definitions of recovery relate? Re-read them above. What do they have in common? The word “process”. Yeah, that’s right. Recovery is a PROCESS. Read that again. I intentionally did not look up the definition of the word-process. I am choosing to define it myself.

Process=journey, not destination.
Process=involvement, not checklist.
Process=growing, not grown.
Process=action, not static.

I am in recovery. No, I haven’t had surgery, been a victim of a break-in or lost anything of value, nor have I given up an addiction of any kind recently. Therefore, my situation called for a new definition of the word-recovery.

“RECOVERY – What happens when you mind, body, and soul have been under a exorbitant amount of stress for extended periods of time with little or no break. Then, life begins to settle down, you decide to take control of the chaos, allowing yourself to say “no”, and claiming time to enter into a state of getting your mind, body, and soul back in balance and healthy.

Are you in recovery? Do you need to recover? Come back for Recovery Part 2 on Thursday and learn more about how critical it can be for anyone who does not fall into the standard categories. Perhaps it is the most common category in which people fall, but whom are the least likely to recognize they need it.


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