All the Feels, Exposed Series


What do you do when things are broken? In some cases, that’s an easy answer. Broken dollar tree toy…chunk it. Broken toothpick, broken glass…chunk it. But some things take a bit more thought…Broken piece of furniture…fix it, repurpose it, give it to someone who knows how to fix it since you don’t, it’s too far gone so chunk it. What about a broken heart, spirit, and soul? Now that’s a different story! It’s not quite so easy to just “chunk” a person who is attached to that heart, spirit, or soul. Boy, am I thankful for that! I can. not. be. chunked. It’s a good thing…because people, I. AM. BROKEN. Do you hear me? BROKEN. (Yes, I am shouting!). Not broken like “I’ve had a bad week broken”, not the “I’m discouraged” kind of broken. I’m talking about the ugly, hopeless, scary, fearful, desperate, lonely, sad, broken. Yeah…that kind.

broken 1

Do you ever feel like there is a dark cloud looming over you with one goal and one goal only which is to emotionally bankrupt your soul? No? GOOD for you. But don’t come to my world, because if you come within 100 feet of me, you may too experience some of the repercussions of the black cloud.

Lately our family has been under attack from the enemy. Who is the enemy, you ask? Well he goes by several names, the most common is satan, the devil, and the man downstairs. But recently he has introduced himself as many other aliases, AKA broken down cars, underhanded and sneaky “friends”, financial crises, a greedy attorney, discontentment, car accident, shall I go on? So, you may be asking yourself, how would hanging around me indicate that the dark cloud may shed some rain on you too. Let me explain.

The devil and all of his recent identities have attacked me and my family from every angle – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. Over the past 6 months or so those jabs, have wounded my heart, soul, optimism, and hope. I’ve become weak due to all of the injuries. Causing me to be discouraged, I’ve been unable to lift others up, in fact, my hopelessness and discouragement has likely brought others down. My actions and words may have made someone else feel hopeless. “My situation is much worse than Julie’s and if she has no hope then where does that leave me?” OR “I was in a good mood until I talked to Julie and hearing all of her woes, just brought me down”. Are you starting to get the picture?

Do you see what he did there? Not only is the enemy attacking my family, but he is banking on me spreading my misery, hopelessness, and discontentment. So not only is he slowly destroying me, but enlisting me to do the dirty work for him. I have a large network of family, friends, and acquaintances. So, yeah…he’s sitting back and watching his carefully calculated plan play out. Disgusting!!

This all hit me TODAY. Well, NO MORE! I WILL NOT be a pawn in the enemy’s evil plan. It. All. Ends. Today.

Just for the record, though, it won’t be easy. It’s likely that I won’t be able to stop the devil from carrying out his plan. I can’t control him. BUT, I can control how I respond to what he throws our way. Earlier today, a friend of mine posted a song on facebook and it gave me a new perspective, new hope, and most of all “fighting words”! Thanks, Crystal and Ellie. TAKE THAT, enemy!

10 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. Sweet, precious, beautiful Julie. You are and have always been a very special star in my sky. Even as a young teen, when you first entered the Pettis family’s world, your sweet spirit, enthusiasm, and undying zest for life (not to mention that streak of mischief) have been a source of joy and inspiration. Keep your chin up, sweetheart. The devil is prowling about seeking someone to devour. He sees your strength and it frustrates him no end! So he’s working extra hard to get you to fall into his snare. When he realizes there’s a strong Christian woman behind that beautiful face and smile, he’ll go pick on someone else. I’m praying for you and will always be here if you need me! ❤️❤️❤️


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