What Can Happen in Three Minutes Part 2

In yesterday's post, I shared with you how 3 insignificant minutes had a pretty significant impact on my plans recently. The blog post ended with me finding out that my flight was rescheduled to 6:51 pm instead of 6:51 am!  That was pretty significant considering I would be arriving at my destination at 12:45 AM,… Continue reading What Can Happen in Three Minutes Part 2

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What Can Happen in Three Minutes Part 1

What can you get done in 3 minutes? 180 seconds? I came up with my Top 10 Things I Can Do in 3 Minutes. Don’t worry…there is a point to this ridiculous list. Cook microwave mac n cheese (the blue kind) Transfer a load of clothes from washer to dryer and toss a new load… Continue reading What Can Happen in Three Minutes Part 1

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All My Failures in 2017

Well, it's that time of year. Mostly the time that people reflect on all the things they have accomplished in the past 12 months. It's a great time to update your friends at a distance what all has been going on. Nothing wrong with fact, it's a great way to realize all that you… Continue reading All My Failures in 2017

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Sometimes There Are No Answers

2+2 will forever and always = 4. No matter the number of new ways that surface to teach the concept (and there are apparently several in the past decade, just ask your teacher friends) the answer will ALWAYS be the same. Consistent. Predictable. Secure. Always. Don't you wish everything in life was like that? Definite,… Continue reading Sometimes There Are No Answers

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I’m Not That Girl

You know the one...she's in her late 30's early 40's. She is a sahm, with 3 kids, successful part-time business in real estate (only works when she wants to), attractive, positive thinker, and an amazing cook. Normally she would fall into the category of the woman all women love to hate, but she's so sweet… Continue reading I’m Not That Girl

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Messy Soul Wordless Wednesday

Embrace who you are. Remember, confidence trumps everything. the whole truth & nothing but, jco    

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Restless Minds Wordless Wednesday

Let the light shine through the cracks in your broken heart. the whole truth & nothing but, jco